Weare Saheco

Metal structures that allow the sliding doors to slide inside the plasterboard walls up to 90 kg.

The Optimo range offers multiple benefits such as visual continuity thanks to its minimal visual impact in the space and optimization of space since they leave the side walls free to place any element since the door is hidden inside the partition.

But... How should the pocket door be to meet high quality standards? The OPTIMO kit does not only meet the standards of reliability and durability but also goes one step further by leading in innovation and ease of installation. Do you dare to discover it?


1. Silding system. Guaranteed durability with up to 100.000 cycles testing as per standard EN 1527. Softness and silence in its sliding and manufactured for panels up to 90Kg.

2. Removable top track assembly: This innovation allows direct access to the mechanisms after installation, guaranteeing their replacement in case of wear of the installation or additional accessories without the need to make any modifications to the walls.

3. Top beam registration: Another way to guarantee access to the mechanisms (not applicable for systems with a soft closing). With machined top beam for better aesthetics.

4. Alignment bracers: Alignment bracers: which allow, as its name indicates, to align the frame with the vertical posts facilitating installation on site. In addition, the screws for its placement are already arranged to the wooden post, so the bracers only need to be placed and tighten.

5. Horizontal crossbars by clipping. With the aim of facilitating and saving assembly time, the horizontal crossbars are placed with an innovative clipping system, in which no screws are needed.

6. Solidity. The anchoring design of the pocket metal verticals with the vertical post guarantees the necessary resistance to pressure.

7. Reversible plate. With a simple 90º turn, the adaptation of the pocket door for a finished wall thicknesses of 100mm or 125mm is achieved.

8. Bottom guide. Single unit suitable for both finished wall thicknesses 100/125 mm with the possibility of fixing it on the vertical posts with tapping screws.


The Kit version of a pocket door not only facilitates the transportation, but also maximum optimization of space for its storage. And all this, without neglecting the ease and speed of assembly since pre-assembled elements are included:

  • The vertical uprights with the reversible plate at 100mm.

  • Track assembly already fitted to the registrable top beam.


  • Self close (up to 90kg): the kit contains two different weights so that the self close can be adjusted to 45 or 90kg depending on the weight of the door.

  • Soft Close: provides a soft closing and opening of the door. It retains the door in the last 10cm of its sliding path, holding it in a controlled way until the end of its journey and avoiding slams as well as extending the useful life of the product.

  • Jambs kits: To achieve the best finish in the installation two standard jamb kits for 100 and 125mm finished wall are available. The jambs kits include weather strips and rubber gaskets.

  • Fire rated jamb kit: for 125mm finished wall and with intumescent strips and rubber gaskets included.

o MDF Fire Rated Jamb Kit for Single FD30 Rated Doors.

o Fully certified to EN 1634-1:2016+A1:2018 for fire resistance.

o Only for use with 44 mm thick FD30 Timber doors (not supplied)

o Available for finished wall thickness 125mm (frame thickness 100mm)

o Intumescent strips included.

o Available with different options of self-close and soft closing brake (up to 90kg/leaf)

o Quick and easy installation.

o Use two layers of 12,5mm fireboard each side (not supplied)