New family Aira Glass SV-X70. RUSTICO TIMBER is growing with SF-RUSTICO 80G.

VIDEO NEWS - Multiplo Compact Glass SV-T-PRO X110.

Front Timber, new system for furniture and cabinets.

    New frontal mount cover.     The Rustico Timber expands its offer.
New video SV-X70 / X110 FT (False Ceiling). Новый стопор с фиксатором для SF-Roller.

New handles for glass sliding doors.

Нуэво система пара складной пуэртас SF-A128D.

SV-T-PRO X110 is the best choice for closing large spaces. VIDEO NEWS - SF-Multiplo Roller SINCRO.

We update the SV-X150 system with Softpro 150. VIDEO NEWS - SF-Multiplo Roller T. PROG.

Saheco extends Compact range with synchronized doors. Discover the new family Multiplo Roller Timber.

SV-Selfclose X110 offers smoothness and security. SF-Roller with Softbrake, the perfect formula.

Ассортимент Compact расширился с новой системой SV-X110. New family: Rustico Timber.

Обновлена и улучшена система Multiplo Glass. New universal SF-Selfclose.

Новая линейка для подвесных потолков - SV-X70.

New Excellence Fix track - Classic Glass.

New Easy clamp - Classic Glass / Roller Glass.

New packaging for tracks - SV-X150.

New Set of end wall track brackets - SV-X70.