Новый Softpro для панелей весом до 150 кг

Saheco update the SV-X150 system with the new smooth and safe braking technology Softpro 150.

New technology Softpro 150
The new soft-closing technology from SAHECO combines two nitrogen gas fillled pistons and one oil fillled piston alll within the same unit.

• Fully adjustable closing speed
• Closing action is PROGRESSIVE and slows down as the door approaches the fully closed position
• Soft Closing 
• Anti break feature on the trigger

Ensures safe braking and prevents bouncing of the door.
 Ensures the door is braked SAFELY 
 Ensures the door is held firmly in the closed position 
 Combines an aestheticallly pleasing action with safe sof closing for door weights up to 150Kgs.

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