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The New TIMBER catalogue from SAHECO

We are delighted to announce that during the month of November 2015, SAHECO will be launching its completely new and revised catalogue detailing our comprehensive range of sliding systems for BOTH TIMBER and METAL doors.

The new catalogue combines a completely new and fresh design, aimed at satisfying the needs and requirements of all of our customers, with a wide and varied content, including several new systems which we are presenting to the market for the first time.

The new catalogue design is such that it is a collection of sub-catalogues, each one detailing a range of related systems, and each for specific types of application. This “family of systems” approach is completely new with each sub-catalogue including complete technical and installation information for the various systems in the particular “family”, together with lifestyle photographs of real installations to demonstrate examples of how each system can be used.

This new layout and comprehensive content makes the new TIMBER catalogue ideal for specifiers, distributors, installers etc.

Among the new products detailed in the new catalogue, is the innovative SF-ROLLER system, which in itself demonstrates the commitment of the company to continuing design and development  innovation in the sector of sliding door gear system manufacture;  the system introduces the new and patented  SOFTBRAKE ROLLER from Saheco; completely concealed within the top track the SOFTBRAKE ROLLER combines an exceptionally smooth and quiet sliding action with an effective, powerful yet at the same time gentle soft closing and or opening  action. In this way a pleasing aesthetic performance is combined with enhanced safety since the SOFTBRAKE ROLLER effectively protects against the dangers of trapped fingers as the sliding door moves into it fully closed and or fully open position.

The new TIMBER catalogue is now available online www.saheco.com and in the coming weeks will also be available in the more traditional paper format.

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