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Solutions up to 300kg | Essential Timber & Glass XXL

For interior divisions for wood and glass

Surely you've heard about Essential family hardware as "the basics that are always in fashion."

But our range for interior sliding doors is also characterized by being versatile solutions adaptable to various styles. With the possibility of even installing wood or glass panels weighing up to 300kg.

Essential Timber XXL. SF-A300 | SF-RA A300

Distributing spacious areas while maintaining aesthetics.

The SF-A300 and SF-RA A300 systems support up to 300kg and are ideal for dividing spaces with large wooden panels.

Moreover, by allowing installation in the RA configuration, which minimizes the distance between the door and the upper guide, an impeccable aesthetic result is achieved.


Essential Glass XXL. SV-A300 | SV-LA300

More luminosity, more elegance. A perfect solution for large interior glass sliding doors, with a capacity of up to 300kg per panel, without the need for glass machining.

With various installation options and the possibility of adding a pelmet cover, it offers complete versatility and a perfect finish.


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