Weare Saheco

SF- Telescopic: new fitting set for 3 and 4 panels

Multiple panels to close large spaces

The Multiplo Essential Timber Family is the best option for closing large spaces with multiple wooden panels and minimal sliding effort. In addition, the panels are collected one behind the other, so that the parking space is very small.


Specifically, the SF- Telescopic system stands out because the movement of the first sliding panel drags the rest along, creating a mobile walls effect that is now expanded to 3 and 4 sliding leaves with the new range of accessory sets.



Set 1 fixed panel + 3 sliding panels

Cod. 101 46 (left)

Cod. 101 47 (right)


Set 1 fixed panel + 4 sliding panels

Cod. 101 48 (left)

Cod. 101 49 (right)

1 |  Floating telescopic guide to leave the passage free of obstacles.



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