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Saheco presents Hydro Glass, a new system for shower cubicles

This year, 2015, Saheco presented Hydro Glass, a sliding door system with a high-quality top bearing designed for shower cubicles. The system combines softbrake technology with a fresh and modern finish.

Hydro Glass can be installed in shower cubicle sliding doors of up to 80 kg per panel. The top profile can be fitted directly between perpendicular side walls or with adjacent parallel fixed glass panels.

Hydro Glass includes an innovative softbrake system, which is unique in the world for shower cubicle applications. In addition to providing a pleasant sensation as the door closes, the softbrake system also increases safety by preventing fingers becoming trapped during closing, as well as protecting the door itself against possible impact damage.

Hydro Glass is available in polished chrome, brushed stainless steel, satin anodised aluminium, black anodised aluminium and polished gold: five distinctive and high-quality finishes.

Hydro Glass has successfully exceeded 100,000 cycles and has grade 3 corrosion resistance in accordance with European standard EN1527 / EN1670, making it an ideal product for shower cubicles and humid environment applications.

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