Weare Saheco

Saheco incorporates the BIM methodology

You can now download the BIM objects of our main systems   


We are aware that doors are one of the most complex elements of construction. At Saheco, together with Bimética, we have developed BIM objects of our principal sliding doors systems.


A new way of working

This methodology is not only used to display 3D project, but it also helps you improve control of the processes, costs, materials, and timings to optimize resources and be more efficient.

Furthermore, working with BIM objects allows to verify beforehand all necessary technical details before installing the products.

A new way of working to make things easier for architects, interior designers, designers and all professionals of the construction industry.

Download the files!

You can download the objects at Bimetica platform or through or website. You can find files of our main systems:

- Essential Timber: SF RA-P70 SF RA-A90

- Essential Timber XLSF-RA A110SF-RA P140SF-RA A160.

- Compact Glass: SV-X70 y SV-X110 with Frame Accessory.

- Aira GlassSV-X70 for shower

- Line CollectionLine BK-10 de Boxkel by Saheco.

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