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SAHECO enjoys great success in the SV-X70 presentation TOUR

During the last few weeks  Saheco has presented one of its most important innovations in various cities across Spain: The SV-X70 system.

The tour has visited numerous cities including Barcelona, ​​Elche, Galicia, Madrid, Vitoria, etc.  During the tour we were able to welcome and present the system to around 150 installers interested in the company products.

The SV-X70 system is a mechanism for frameless glass sliding door panels; it is characterized by its quick and easy installation together with a minimalist design that integrates seamlessly into any type of application, whether domestic or commercial in nature.

This product, unique in the market, differs from the existing systems by offering an “Anti-shock” breaking system and/ or the Saheco patented “Softbrake”, thereby providing an advanced and pleasing sliding action, whilst at the same time enhancing safety.

The SV-X70 system has been certified in accordance with European performance standards EN 1527 and EN 1670, which guarantees its quality and multiple features: these to include a maximum door weight rating of 70Kgs; durability of 100,000 opening and closing cycles, including the soft braking system; corrosion resistance; height adjustment to facilitate ease of installation; the ability to accommodate glass panel thicknesses of 8-10mm; integral options for both ceiling and wall mounted applications; a minimal wall to sliding panel dimension of just 16mm; adjacent fixed glass panel option; a choice of high quality finishes etc.

For more information please visit the Saheco website www.saheco.com and select the video option where you will find a video which demonstrates the ease of installation and other features of the SV-X70 system.

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