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An extensive range of products backed by a global marketing strategy

Saheco offers the market a broad catalogue of sliding, folding and ar-ticulated door products. This range is also constantly being expanded in order to adapt to the needs and de-mands of the market: wood, metal, and glass sliding door systems, in-dustrial doors, visible stainless steel mechanisms, mobile enclosures, space dividing systems, etc.

This extensive range of products for doors is backed up by a global mar-keting strategy that covers each and every one of the Saheco prod-uct lines. The marketing strategy also emphasises the importance of other types of marketing activities, whether direct or in collaboration with partners, etc. The goal of these approaches is to construct a global branding presence for the Saheco brand through the combination of multiple specific actions. 

fittings and systems for sliding timber doors     glass sliding door fittings


Hardware and systems for timber or metal diviver and interior sliding.


Fittings and systems for sliding glass doors and divider or interios glass doors.

fittings and systems for mobile enclosures kits and prefabricated structures for sliding doors


Fittings and systems for mobile enclosures (LifeSpaces).


Kits and prefabricated structures for sliding doors.