Family: MATIC

  • MATIC 1
  • MATIC 2

The SF-MATIC system is characterized by: SF-MATIC for sliding doors of up to 80 kg in weight. The automation of the Saheco sliding system combined with optimum mechanisms allows the doors to move automatically. The system, with its automatic elements incorporated, is controlled by a button or remote control that allows it to be opened and closed from any point by radio frequency. The main features of the system are: Applications (connecting doors, exterior closures, laboratories, etc) with a maximum capacity of 80 kg. opening and closing speed control with obstacle detection. Time adjustment at the end of the manoeuvre (closing) and the beginning (opening). Remote opening and closing button (switching for up to 15 buttons). Remote control unit and programmable board depending on the application. Movement detection by radar (installable option). Automatic closing (programmable). Emergency stop (control operated or due to obstruction of the door). Smooth stopping. Control panel and detachable motor (independent). 2 free inputs on the board for demotic applications, photocells, etc. mains power supply. Rechargeable battery (allows operation when the power supply is cut off). This is one of Saheco’s most innovative and complete systems.