Weare Saheco


Pull or push? Right or Left?

With Rever BK10 you can decide at the very last minute: a reversible counter frame with all opening options that does not require any additional accessories.*


Quality and functional aesthetics

Good aesthetics mean nothing if not accompanied by functionality. That is why we have paid special attention to the structural characteristics of Line Rever BK10.


Blend in or stand out?

Invisible doors, the name says it all, but they can also be another decorative element. Doors that sit flush with the wall allow us to play with painted, lacquered and even custom decorations, so the choice is in our hands: blend in by painting it in the same tone as the wall or let our imaginations run wild.


*For reversible option standard height 2100mm without lintel.



Invisible hinges thanks to their small size. 3D adjustable hinges: adjustable on 3 completely independent axes (vertical, horizontal and pressure) on with a single hexagonal wrench, allowing millimetric adjustment of the door.