Weare Saheco

Our values


Saheco’s industrial activities for the development of sliding door so-lutions are based on the ability to create added value, both for our cli-ents and for the final consumer. In order to establish this concept of value in our Saheco products, the company is planning and executing a series of pre-established phases throughout our industrial transfor-mation process. In this way, we are optimising our production process-es to ensure that our clients and consumers will always receive the most competitive and innovative products on the market for sliding door systems.


At Saheco, quality is an inherent as-pect of the company’s culture, and at the industrial level, this is converted into an important value-generating factor. That’s why at Saheco we work in accordance with standardised proce-dures throughout the process: Applus+.


The essential functions of the specialists are the creation and design of new products. The primary goals include providing value-added products, creating innovative projects, producing patentable mechanisms and products that represent maximum industrial efficiency.


For Saheco, monitoring and guaranteeing every phase of the manufacturing process is a key commitment. This goes as far as help-ing to develop and implement the use of our own specific equipment in our industrial ac-tivities. In an industry such as ours, this type of process guarantee also involves providing our engineering expertise as well as the vari-ous tools and resources the company has available:

· Quality control
· Testing laboratory
· Traceability through a computerised process using a numerical bar code system
· Expert engineering adds value to the finished product: reliability, efficiency and com-petitiveness. This is a tool that Saheco puts at the service of all our clients.