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saheco facilities

At Saheco we design, manufacture and sell sliding, folding and articulated systems for all types of applications. An activity focussed on functionality and space optimisation, through a wide range of systems adaptable to any architectural environment.

In order to develop our business in the best way possible, we have a range of facilities at Saheco that are designed to enable our human resources to carry out their work quickly and efficiently.

Cooperative management

From our headquarters in Spain, we organise and coordinate all the company's departments, both at a technical level as well as production, commercial and financial, etc.

Technical offices (engineering and R&D)

Our product technical development centres, located in Barcelona (Europe) and in China (Asia), carry out the industrial design and technical support processes for the systems that will be or have been manufactured.


We have a strong production structure in two high-performance manufacturing centres (in Spain and China), equipped with the latest technology. These facilities contain the robotic production machinery for the precision manufacture of our entire portfolio of systems.

Sales and distribution offices

Our sales network is located at commercially strategic points throughout the world (Spain, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong), and is equipped to efficiently and promptly serve the global markets. Five offices provide service and commercial guidance to our customers.

Intelligent warehouses

The stock and logistics management of manufactured Saheco products is carried out in our main warehouses, which support the production centres. These facilities, which are larger than 5000 m2, have mechanical and computerised automatic systems that manage the entire Saheco product portfolio. In these areas, the efficient picking station is especially important for managing orders. Furthermore, we have secondary storage and distribution areas distributed at other points in the world.


At Saheco's headquarters, the highlight is the complete product showroom that houses the latest innovations designed by Saheco. A space for displaying our most recent technical innovations and which is also used for technical and sales training.