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New BLOQ GLASS Family: SV-Q60 | SV-Q110

More than a compact glass sliding door system

BLOQ Glass is a family of systems that stands out for its quality, innovative design, technology, easy installation, and a strong commitment to sustainability.

A product with exceptional design that is evident in every user experience and with a clear goal: to reduce dimensions and increase performance.

BLOQ GLASS is designed for both residential and commercial applications, supporting a weight of up to 60Kg for its SV-Q60 version and 110Kg for the SV-Q110.

   Compact profile    

Elegance, cutting-edge technology, and ease of installation come together to make BLOQ profiles the must-have for compact systems.

- 3 unique profiles (including fixed glass) for all installation variants and available weights.

- Profiles in different finishes for maximum architectural adaptation.

- Different installation options: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, false ceiling-mounted, and false ceiling-mounted with or without fixed glass.

   A new clamp design   

The clamp in any sliding door system should be synonymous with quality, safety, ease of assembly, and durability. BLOQ meets all these requirements and, furthermore, dresses in black for the occasion.

- Ball bearings for smooth and silent sliding.

- Clamp with new anti-derailment technology, safe and with greater pulling capacity.

- All adjustments are frontal, and only a TX30 key is needed.

- Technical polyamide thicknesses that adapt the clamp to different glass thicknesses, eliminating the need for adjustment screws.


- Double-action (opening and closing) and adjustable SofTop damping brake: possibility to add or remove it after installation.

- 40% reduction in opening effort.

- Operates independently of the height adjustment of the installation, thanks to the new arrangement of the activators in relation to the SofTop itself.

And much... much more! 

  • Guide Connector

  • Cube Pelmet

  • New packagin: more sustainable than ever before

  • ...

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