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News: Essential Glass

The history and evolution of Saheco in a wide range of systems.

We're renewing and renaming our Classic and Roller Glass families. As Saheco is leaving "Classic" behind, and moving forward!

Essential Glass

Star, a single track with multiple options of doorway applications

1. Wall or ceiling installation, using an exposed or false ceiling concealed track for an entirely minimalist design. 
Satin anodized aluminium and matt black or white lacquered finishes for a better adaptation to architectural requirements. 
Smooth and elegant design.


4. Easy clamp, the most easy assembly and minimalistic solution thanks to its compact cover. 
5. No machining is required for any of the application. .
6. Wall mounting profile designed to save installation time. 

7. Solution for panels up to 90 Kg. 
8. Various rolling options: friction or ball bearing, both silent and effortless sliding.
9. Soft closing feature available for a soft and impact-free closing.                               
10. Applus qualitiy certificate according to EN 1527 standard. 
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