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New VAHO GLASS shower system

VAHO GLASS SV-X50: frameless sliding glass shower door system 

We are expanding the range of fittings for shower cabinets with Vaho Glass SV-X50. A system for frameless glass panels that combines the latest technological developments with an attractive minimalist design.

Casa Bazán Project | Destudio Arquitectura | Photography Germán Cabo




1. Compact aluminum sliding track that conceals all the mechanisms; thus, achieving an unbeatable aesthetic appearance.


2. Installation between walls, between wall and glass wall, between glasses, and angular (90º).

3. Suitable for glass thicknesses of 8 and 10mm (only 8mm for angular)


4. Quick and easy installation thanks to the frontal access to all components and its adjustments and regulations.

5. Ball bearing rollers for a smooth and silent sliding action.

6. Available in different finishes.

7. Double SofTop damping system: thanks to the latest developed damping technology, the opening effort is minimal as it has been reduced by almost 40%.

8. Optional accessories: horizontal water seals and sealing gaskets that can be easily removed for cleaning and/or changing.

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