Weare Saheco

Multiplo Glass updated and improved

Saheco presents upgraded and improved versions of the synchronized and telescopic glass systems from the Multiplo Glass family. These improvements combine an easier installation process with improved functionality.

Fitting Sets Improved
The combination of updated components with a new toothed belt improves the quietness and smoothness of the sliding action. In addition, to allow for a quicker and easier installation process, all parts are now secured and adjusted from the front.

New Pelmet Covers for Easier Installation
The top track and belt mechanism can be hidden with a pelmet cover which has been improved for a better and easier installation. In addition the pelmet covers come in two different depths to accommodate all
installation scenarios.

Unhanded Bottom Guides
The bottom guide is now a universal fitting for both left and right handed applications. The component parts are simply changed according to the hand required, meaning for the first time that both left and right handed applications can be satisfied with a single fitting set, thereby eradicating possible errors in the ordering process, and simplifying stock holding.

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