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FRAME Family

FRAME Accessory; Aluminum Profiles for Glass Doors

The Frame accessory is an aluminum perimeter and grid system that allows for the transformation of sliding and fixed glass doors, giving a home or business an industrial, modern, and minimalist touch. It is composed of a series of profiles, which are all easy to install as they are installed to the glass using high-resistant adhesive double-sided tape, which comes pre-applied to the profiles.

1. Compatible with SV-X70 and SV-X110 systems from the Saheco Compact Glass Range.

2. Profiles with projection that combine original aesthetics with strong expressive value.

  • Perimeter profile for framing the glass panel.

  • Asymmetrical internal division profile: two profile projections on each side of the glass panel, to align with the perimeter profile and give a visually aligned impact.

3. For glass panels of 10mm thickness and weight of 70kg up to 110kg per leaf.

4. Three finishes are available: matte black lacquered, matte white lacquered, and matte silver anodized aluminum.

5. The possibility to create countless designs around the door perimeter and play with the arrangement of internal divisions.