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Expanding the Essential family

Dividers and timber o glass interior doors 

Our range of indispensable products, Essential Timber and Glass, is growing with multiple options.

We are expanding the Essential range, indispensable products not only because they are the basics of Saheco, but also because of their ability to adapt to various installation configurations. This line of profiles is specially designed for interior partitions and passage doors, offering flexibility and versatility to meet the needs of any project.

Essential Timber SF-RA P70_Perfil_FTI_    

We have upgraded the soft-close damper now with a single device for both soft closing and opening, reducing the minimum door width required just to 600mm.

We introduce the new support FT track for False Ceiling, ideal for panels up to 90 kg. This concept features a removable guide that allows for phased installation, making it easy to access the hardware at any time during installation and in the future. It is compatible with the STAR and EXCELLENCE profiles.

This profile set for panels up to 90 kg is also designed for wall-to-wall installation: featuring a removable guide with a keyhole system that allows for phased installation and provides access to the hardware at any time, whether during installation or afterward.


Additionally, we are launching the FTI top track (Invisible False Ceiling), where we minimize the flange of the False Ceiling to achieve a clean and minimalist design. This new addition to the Essential and Essential XL families offers a modern and elegant aesthetic for any project with a weight capacity of up to 90kg or 160kg per panel.

Discover much more about the new Saheco systems: Essential Timber and Essential Glass.

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