Weare Saheco

Company strategy


Support for new ideas and training for our professionals
In all aspects of our business, creativity is a facet to be promoted and encouraged. At Saheco we highly value the creativity, ideas and contributions made by all of the members of our staff.

Investment in technology for optimisation of our production costs
Saheco performs systematic analyses on all of our industrial processes, seeking opportunities for optimisation wherever they might be. This is a key aspect of reducing production costs and thus improving competitiveness.


Expanding our range of products and the solutions we offer
Saheco’s wide range of sliding, folding and articulated door systems provide an expansive range of possibilities for in-stalling sliding doors in multiple locations. Nevertheless, at Saheco we continue to work on developing new products and updating our existing ones.

Leadership in ideas for constant innovation
All of the products we create must meet all the requirements of a Saheco product: quality, functionality, reliability, innovative design, and competitiveness. Playing a key role in this creative process, the technical offices in Barcelona and Italy represent the cornerstone of the creation of value at Saheco.


Close commercial collaboration with our partners and the development of new relationships
Since 2006, Saheco has been fully com-mitted to developing of a variety of programmes for business growth. The company has been implementing these with a focus on client loyalty, while also implementing measures to attract new clients.

The company’s internationalisation plan
After 20 years of exporting our products to multiple international markets, Saheco is taking another step towards the internationalisation of the company. To this end, we have developed an inter-national plan to establish the company in key strategic countries.


Investment in a powerful branding strategy
Saheco and the company’s marketing department are working on the planning and execution of a powerful branding strategy to promote awareness of Saheco among the various groups towards which the company’s activities are directed: consumers, clients, partners, etc.

Increasing collaborations with designers
Saheco is studying the best way to adapt our products to current architectural trends and construction styles, so that the company’s systems can be perfectly integrated into their surrounding environments. Along these lines, Saheco pro-motes relationships and collaborations with outside experts in order to predict the direction of the market and anticipate its changing needs.