Weare Saheco

Company Goals

Company objectives taking on great challenges

At Saheco we have no limits. Our company’s mission is clear: to develop the market for sliding, folding and articulated door systems through the design and manufacture of high-quality products that are functional, innovative, and competitive. Along these same lines, we have laid out two underlying objectives: to consolidate our presence in the market and to manufacture leading products.

Commercial Presence on the market

How do we consolidate our international presence?

Creation of opportunities

Commercial cooperation with partners

Internacional consolidation

Market research and analysis for the creation of real business opportunities.

Proactive strategies to attract new clients and develop our relationships with current clients for local establishment in international markets.

Creation and promotion of local alliances with Saheco’s main strategic clients and partners.

Working closely with our Saheco partners though close relationships and mutual commitment for win-to-win collaborations focused on dominating distribution channels.

A clear reliance on key local clients that are critical to our strategy.

International expansion of Saheco through the creation of a variety of work models, maintaining a presence in each market though our partners: distributors, sales affiliates, production affiliates and other relationship models.

Product leadership

How do we develop truly leading solutions?

Market orientation


Real solutions

100% adaptation to the evolution of the market and orientation to the real needs of the consumer.

Research on the lifestyles of those who use our products and development of work plans to meet their needs.

Bringing new ideas to the market along with technological and conceptual innovations.

Design (in Barcelona) and technical development of reliable, high-quality products adapted to the most demanding international standards.

Focusing on the manufacture of products with proven usability and functionality for their users.

Expansion of our range of products: updating and improvement of traditional systems and manufacture of entirely new mechanisms.