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Catalonia first days by Saheco

Last week we celebrated a networking conference with Catalonia Ferreteries. In order to improve the interaction between both organizations and strengthen ties to work better from now on.

On Wednesday, July 4, the view of the purchasing managers took place. With them there was a colloquium to discuss issues that concern, at different levels, the relationship between our companies. After which we made a tour of the Saheco facilities. Finally, we take the opportunity to present the latest developments we have prepared.

The second day was Friday, July 6, when the commercials of Ferreteries Catalonia met in our company. On this occasion the dynamics were oriented to a much more practical level. We started with the presentation of the news and, after a visit to our facilities, we started to touch the product in our space for tests and trials.

The overall assessment of this experience could not be more positive. We will repeat!

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