Weare Saheco





Create space
Where before there was only a space, now there are unforgettable experiences and pieces of our lives. Saheco solutions allow you to fill the spaces you create with quality moments.

With Saheco solutions we don’t only cre-ate new spaces, we also allow you to make the best of every corner. Saheco systems take up practically no space; we leave that for you to enjoy.

Open. Semi-open. Closed. The decision is yours. Now your spaces can be divided into distinct environments, such as interior and exterior, and can be easily integrated back into one.

Saheco’s goal is to provide the people who use our products with comfort, peace of mind and satisfaction. This is why all of our solutions are developed with their convenience and well-being in mind.

Modern construction systems strive to create environments with a clean and open feel. This is one of the characteris-tics that Saheco solutions provide: maxi-mum spatial clarity and serenity.

A romantic dinner, a family gathering, a get-together with friends or a work ses-sion in the office… Saheco systems ensure the appropriate and intimate atmosphere for all of your everyday activities.


Beauty is not just something we see, it is also found in the way we live. With Saheco, you can create appealing envi-ronments using stylish solutions that will make any setting more attractive.

Architectural integration
Saheco solutions harmonise perfectly with the architecture that surrounds them. Our wide range of finishes ensures that the style of the building is respected, while con-tributing their own beauty and elegance.

Like a huge screen, Saheco mechanisms al-low users to become privileged spectators of the spaces they occupy. Our installations can provide excellent panoramic views.