Weare Saheco



Systems for telescopic and synchronized doors up to 125 kg

The best option for dividing large spaces with multiple wood panels with minimal sliding effort. It supports up to 125Kg and allows the panels to be moved in the most suitable and versatile way of each space.

1. System for wooden sliding telescopic and synchronized doors.

2. Star track: with a smooth and versatile design with multiple options for doorway applications.

3. Installation variants: telescopic, progressive telescopic up to 3 doors to the same side, synchronized and progressive telescopic synchronized, up to 2+2 doors for closing large spaces.

4. Ball bearing rollers for a silent and effortless sliding.

5. Possibility of Soft close integration up to 90Kg in all installation variants, for greater smoothness and safety in the opening and closing of the system.

6. Floating bottom guide to close spaces without a bottom profile to leave the passage area unobstructed.

7. Height regulation +/-2mm.

8. Possibility of closing spaces up to 5 meters wide.