Weare Saheco

ESSENTIAL XL (110-160kg) Family



Star XL, a smooth and versatile track with multiple options for doorway applications:


1. Wall or ceiling mount, or false ceiling concealed track for an entirely minimalist design.

2. Efficient and easy installation thanks to the Support FT XL (false ceiling) track, allowing to remove the sliding top track, making possible installation in phases. It also provides direct access to the mechanisms, to install and disassemble at any stage even after construction, either to incorporate additional components or to replace them, without the need to make modifications to the false ceiling.

3. Separator wall mounting track designed to optimize and reduce installation time.

4. Absence of a bottom track (optional) to create passage areas free of obstacles.

5. Satin anodized aluminum and matt black or white lacquered finishes for the best adaptation to architectural requirements.

6. Solution for panels up to 160Kg.

7. Various rolling options: friction or ball bearing, both silent and effortless sliding.

8. As braking options: Double Soft Top for a linear, soft and impact-free closing and opening for panels up to 140 Kg, or retaining brake option.

9. Applus quality certificate according to EN 1527 standard