Weare Saheco


ESSENTIAL (50-90kg) Family

Systems for sliding wooden doors up to 90Kg

Create unique spaces with our range of essentials, the Saheco basics that are always in style. Essential Timber offers multiple application options to divide rooms and create unique environments. Do you want to know how?

1. System for interior wooden sliding doors

2. Star track: a smooth and versatile design with multiple options for doorway applications.

3. Installation on wall, ceiling, or false ceiling.

4. Aluminum profiles and accessories in satin anodized , matt black lacquered , and matt white lacquered aluminium.

5. Possibility of installation with classic option (faced fixed mounting plate) or RA option (for minimum distance between the door and top track).

6. Bearing options: friction or ball bearings, both silent and requiring minimal sliding effort.

7. System with soft-closing and impact-free damping brake (Softbrake).

8. Separator wall mounting track designed to optimize and reduce installation time.

9. Applus+ quality certification according to EN 1527 standard. Durability Grade 6: 100,000 test cycles, and Corrosion Grade 4: 240 hours.