Weare Saheco


ESSENTIAL XXL (300kg) Family

The SF-A300 system offers: Silver anodised aluminium profile. Specially designed to support heavy leaves. Rollers with ball bearings fitted on smooth-running, hard-wearing nylon wheels, complete with vertical adjustment screws. Concealed bottom guidepiece. Retaining brake.

The SF-RA300 system is specially designed for doors of a large size and weight. It is composed of an aluminium profile (silver anodised), a rolling system with ball bearings (rollers with a flexible system to absorb any unevenness in the profile) that provides a very smooth sliding action, a retaining brake, a wall support, a bottom guide and an end of profile trim. Following the line of the Saheco RA systems, the SF-RA300, with its shorter and narrower sliding plate, allows a gain in the clearance up to the end of the door, thus preventing the door from splintering. A black side trim cover is then fitted to seal the gap produced by the milling, thus making the ends of the door sides absolutely smooth in order to prevent dirt and dust from entering the mechanism. In this way, the clearance is left hardly noticeable, with only 2 mm between the door and the guide.