Weare Saheco



SV-SINCRO / SV-T PROGRESIVA / SV-T PROGRESIVA SINCRO are systems of high quality, frameless, suspended glass sliding doors. Ideal for medium weight dividers and doors for home or commercial use.


Innovation, development and great aesthetics are reflected in the SV-T PROGRESIVA SINCRO; a system that makes it possible to operate with a simultaneous opening of all the panels, parking them on the left and right of the installation. All the family provides a seamless integration of areas, with a maximum of 5 meters of gap and 80 Kg per panel; with the special addition of having a bottom guide that is perfectly concealed once the doors are parked, thereby leaving the passage completely free. It also provides the possibility of installing fixed glass panes on both sides of the installation, in order to create areas with plenty of light and depth. From this previous system come the SINCRO and the SV-T PROGRESIVA. The first for installations with one panel parked to the right and another to the left, and the second providing a solution with panels parked either to the left or to the right.