Weare Saheco

1. System for domestic and commercial applications, supporting weights of up to 60kg for the SV-Q60 version and 110kg for the SV-Q110 version.

2. Compact profiles that combines functionality, aesthetics, and space-saving qualities, offering a versatile and elegant solution for different spaces and needs.

3. 3 unique profiles (including fixed glass) for all installation variations and available weights.

4. Profiles available in various finishes for maximum architectural adaptability.

5. Installation options include wall mounting, wall-wall mounting, ceiling mounting, false ceiling mounting, and false ceiling with lintel, with or without fixed glass.

6. Clamp with new anti-derailment technology (using ball-bearing pulleys) for safety and increased traction capacity.

7. Ball-bearing for smooth and silent sliding.

8. Minimum door width of 600mm with built-in damping brake.

9. Dual-action (opening and closing) and adjustable SofTop damping brake: the possibility to add or remove it after installation.

10. All adjustments are frontal, making installation an incredibly easy process.

11. No glass machining is required for any of the applications.

12. Applus+ certification according to EN 1527 standard for the entire family. Durability grade of 200,000 test cycles and Corrosion grade 4: 240 hours, and with SofTop, Durability grade 6: 100,000 cycles and Corrosion grade 4: 240 hours in a salt spray chamber.

13. New packaging: more sustainable than ever.