Weare Saheco


1. System for shower cabinets

2. Compact aluminum sliding track that conceals all the mechanisms; thus, achieving an unbeatable aesthetic appearance.

3. Available in different finishes: brushed nickel aluminum, polished chrome aluminum, satin brass aluminum and matt black anodized aluminum.

4. Installation wall-wall, wall-glass, glass-glass and angular (90º)

5. Suitable for glass thicknesses of 8 and 10mm (only 8mm for angular)

6. Quick and easy installation thanks to the frontal access to all components and its adjustments and regulations.

7. Ball bearing rollers for a smooth and silent sliding action.

8. Double SofTop damping system: thanks to the latest developed damping technology, the opening effort is minimal as it has been reduced by almost 40%. Likewise, a smooth and silent closing in the last 7cm of the sliding path is achieved. The double SofTop damping system protects the system from impact damage, thus extending the useful life of the product and with only a minimum door width of 629mm required.

9. Applus+ Certificate: Durability grade 6: 100,000 test cycles and Corrosion grade 4 = 240h according to EN1527 standards.

10. Optional accessories: horizontal water seals and sealing gaskets that can be easily removed for cleaning and/or changing.