Hydro Glass Family

Hydro Glass is a high quality top hung sliding door gear system for shower cubicles; a state of the art sliding mechanism is combined with a softbrake feature and a modern and fresh aesthetic appearance.

Hydro Glass can accommodate sliding glass doors within a shower cubicle of up to 80Kgs per panel in weight. The top track can be fixed directly between perpendicular side walls, or to adjacent fixed parallel glass panels.

Hydro Glass includes an exciting new softbrake feature, unique in the world of shower cubicle applications. As well as providing a pleasing feature on the closing cycle of the shower door, softbrake also enhances safety, preventing fingers being trapped as the door closes, and also protecting the glass door itself from impact damage.

Hydro Glass is available in five distinctive and high quality finishes:

• Polished Chrome

• Brushed Stainless Steel

• Satin Anodised Aluminium

• Black Anodised Aluminium

• Polished Gold

Hydro Glass has been tested to 100,000 cycles in accordance with EU EN1527 / EN1670 norm and has achieved grade 3 corrosion resistance affirming its suitability for use in shower cubicle application.