Weare Saheco



Jambless counterframes, functionality and elegance, all in the same setting.

Invisible doors, the name says it all, but they can also be another decorative element. Doors that sit flush with the wall allow us to play with painted, lacquered and even custom decorations, so the choice is in our hands: blend in by painting it in the same tone as the wall or let our imaginations run wild.

1. Custom manufacturing. The structure is provided with all the necessary machining, ready for installation. Custom measurements ranging from 1m in width to 3m in height.

2. Reversible system in the four opening directions in its standard height (2100mm without lintel) to choose the opening direction of the door at the last moment.

3. Aluminium frame with textured primer to ensure paint adhesion.

4. Magnetic control. Flush-wall door fitted for the installation of a magnetic closure catch. Easy installation thanks to its instantaneous and shock-resistant unlocking.

5. Two pre-assembled spacer panels to ensure the stability and perfect squaring of the frame.

6. Design of the frame profile to prevent the formation of cracks.

7. Two anchor brackets: for masonry and for plasterboard walls.

8. Invisible zamak hinges included. Thanks to their small dimensions and adjustable in 3 axes (vertical, horizontal and pressure) for a millimeter adjustment of the door. Smooth aluminum trims that hide the hinges and preserve the aesthetics of the door, also when it is open.

9. Possibility of installing a honeycomb door (panel thickness 44/45mm)

  • Frame in glued/finger-jointed timber in virtually knot-free Scots pine and with double stiles

  • Honeycomb cardboard core between high density MDF skins at least 5mm thick.

  • High adhesion glue.

  • For heights above 220cm and 95cm in width, enclosed in a rectangular aluminum frame (35x20) to ensure stability.

  • The doors are primed for better paint adhesion.