Weare Saheco

CLASSIC, strong and safe

Galvanised steel modules that can be combined with fittings. Fine and robust metal framework. Moulded and grooved mesh anchor tabs. Moulded and structured single-piece upper cover. Reinforced aluminium guides with quick assembly guide. Lower alignment spacer. Elastic anti-crack gasket. Set of rollers for doors up to 160 kg.

MODULAR GRID: It consists of 100 and 200 mm modules made of galvanised steel. At the module connection points, the triple thickness of the sheet forms a strong vertical rib. The modular structure allows the side to adjust to the structural expansion of the building.

ELASTIC WOOD JOINT:Placed under the plasterboard, it contributes to providing good rigidity to the front structure and prevents the formation of cracks in the plaster.

LOWER ALIGNMENT SPACER: It plays a particularly important role in the placement of the product. Once the frame is assembled, the lower alignment spacer allows the wood jamb to be perfectly aligned with the metal casing, simplifying and speeding up installation operations:The final result, excellent.


  • Plaster
  • Plasterboard